Carn International is a global executive and professional search firm providing dynamic and seasoned leadership talent to our clients. For over 25 years, our consultants have collaborated with companies and executives across a range of specialties and industries, fostering mutually prosperous relationships.

Our name comes from the original Gaelic word for ‘Cairn’ – a man-made stone structure built as a distinctive landmark for navigation on mountain trails. Cairns guide trailblazers towards the summit and are symbols of direction, stability, trust and encouragement.

Guided by our own passion for people, Carn International connects clients and executives with shared objectives.  We understand our clients’ strategic and cultural needs and help them navigate human capital complexities to find the right fit and add value to their organizations. In turn, we help executive candidates pursue their ambitions and realize their purpose and value along their career journey.




Carn International’s purpose is to help create a world where passion for work never diminishes.  Where dedication to a shared purpose is a given (shared by company, employees, leaders and customers).  And where success is inevitable.

We are all journeying toward something greater.  In our companies.  In our careers.  In our lives.  If we, as individuals, could connect our passion to our innate strengths along that journey, and find the right environment to leverage them, our professional and personal lives would be more meaningful and purposeful.

But imagine if we could readily find others that shared that same purpose.  Imagine if we converged on the same path and brought complementary skills, expertise and spirit to our collective adventure.  All of a sudden, our purpose is exponentially more powerful, leading us to greater endeavors.


Carn International’s commitment to providing the ideal executive search experience is built on 3 components:

  • Indepth understanding of our clients’ strategic needs, our executives’ career aspirations and the shared purpose that connects them.  We take the time to understand our clients’ strategic and cultural context through internal and external research and insight gathering.  And through comprehensive screening and  behavioral analysis, we develop a holistic view of our executive candidates.
  • Tailored solutions built on insight, collaboration and access to a robust network of qualified professionals.  Our many years of experience, our agile approach to working with our clients, and our wide and deep network of candidates help us find the right solution…every time.
  • Growth opportunities for companies and careers fueled by an enduring passion for your work, your teams and your company goals.  We take the title of ‘Consultant’ very seriously, offering value-added consultation in the areas of talent and career development, culture shaping and leadership building.